August 13, 2009

Ooh... a Barrister! (Lawyer to those not in the UK)

This doozie of a 419 scam comes not from Nigeria, but from the office of one Barrister Stephen Lloyd on Cannon Street in London. Notice the emphasized areas of this note (my emphasis, that is). Random sentence fragments, misspelled & cut-off words. Very Professional! Really. I *Truly* want to send you my money... well, I would if I had any to send!

And he has a sixth sense, to boot! wow...


2-6 Cannon Street
London EC4M 6YH
DX 42609,London

My name is Stephen Lloyd, I'm a lawyer and as you can see from the heading, this mail is written personally for you. Its about my late client whose name is Robert , he was my friend and I was his solicitor until the point of his death, he died unfortunately in an accident alongside with his family.

Just after Robert died, his account officer got in touch with me and asked me to get in touch with any of his relatives both near and extended who could come and stand in as his next of kin to lay claim to his estate, money and etc all valued at nine point eight mill GBP (quite a sum, right)? I set about to do that, I wrote lots of letters to different organizations, embassies and etc so I could locate even one of his relative both near and far but all my efforts seemed to have hit a brick wall and just recently, the board of directors just informed me that I had just 14 days to get someone who can stand in as next of kin or the money would be considered as dormicillary and by that it would then be confisicated all in accordance to the laws of their company with respect to the abandoned property decree of the company. Let me now get straight to the point of my letter, considering the fact that I have been unable for the past eight years to get someone and I haven't been able!
to, I seek your assistance on thi

Now my purpose for doing this is to get this fund for this purpose I seek your assistance because I've been unable for the past eight years to get his next of kin, I know you must also ask what about the legal documents that we will need to get this done, you don't have to worry about that because I have all the needed documents that would make you have the legal right to make this claim before it gets confiscated in the next 14-15 days and so the money can be shared between us, I know there are other persons with the same last name as my late client and I even put up an advertisement for that and I received all sorts of mails and applications but after a little check, my 6th sense told me to use you instead. Can I trust you on this? I will make all necessary documents necessary for you to use to back up your claim. Please contact me by my number below or my alternate email which is (email removed) and also give me your phone and fax numbers because you will apprecia!
te the fact that as at now, consta

I wish you the best.
Barrister Stephen Lloyd,
Phone:+[Phone# Removed].

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